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Ship drydocking and repair are the main busineses of JOINTTOP. In the 20 years history, JOINTTOP has achieved a repair record of over 1,700 ships of various types from  all over the World, such as Turkey, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, Cyprus and other countries. The company established solid partnership with well-known shipping companies such as RCL, FESCO, SASCO, MSCO, PRISCO, ASCO, AZIA SHIPPING, ADANI, VINALINES and so on. In the long-term practice of ship repair, JOINTTOP has developed a unique project management model “Turnkey Contract” whose advantages are:

Suitable Price: JOINTTOP has three drydocking bases in China’s eastern coast:

North China including Dalian, Shanhaiguan, and Qingdao;

Middle in Shanghai and Zhoushan area;

South in Fujian and Guangzhou area.

In each base there are a number of partner shipyards of JOINTTOP. Due to the fact that a considerable number of JOINTTOP ships are repaired each year in the partner shipyards, so JOINTTOP is VIP customer of these shipyards.  Bulk ship repair orders and VIP status enables JOINTTOP to obtain very suitable prices and discounts to bring JOINTTOP’s customers more benefits.    

Priority in Use of Productive Resources. With its VIP status, JOINTTOP can give priority to its customers’ ship into the dock and to the customer’s use of production equipment and machinery, as well as to organizing labor.  

Technical Support from Professional Project Management Engineer. JOINTTOP cultivates a first-class project management team. Project management engineers are involved throughout the repair process. They not only know the production process and project management but also understand language and national differences in culture and ways of thinking, so they are good to solve a variety of professional issues, reduce conflict and misunderstanding, accelerate the repair process, ensure the repair quality and help customers to save repair costs.    

Perfect Supply-Side Network. JOINTTOP establishes long-term stable partnership with Chinese and foreign equipment manufacturers and professional service companies. It has reliable purchase channels to ensure the provision of inexpensive high-quality products and the completion of professional construction. Relevant quality certificates and CCS certificates are provided for the supplied products.

Reliable Quality Assurance. For each ship, JOINTTOP implements a mature internal selection mechanism for shipyards and professional construction teams, so as to ensure repair quality from the source and the most suitable shipyards and docks are chosen. In the repair process, project management engineers will implement process control for the repair quality. In addition, JOINTTOP provides its customers reliable after-sales quality assurance. JOINTTOP provides you a complete tailor-made solution of ship repair and conversion.

Customer focus

JOINTTOP adheres to the policy of “customer focus” since it was founded and based on customer needs, sets up a customer – oriented business team which to design and develop work process, establishes a rapid response mechanism to meet customer needs, always pays attention to changes in customer needs, provides comprehensive solutions and takes as its own responsibility of “creating value for customers and making the customers feel satisfied”.     

Taking ship repair as an example, the interpretation of this policy is mainly reflected in four aspects:    

Integrity and Responsibility: JOINTTOP is committed to quality, completion date and price policy, in the benefit of the owners, assists the ship owners in project budget costs, while settling accounts, checks carefully the work done with the shipyard to avoid errors, promptly and responsibly resolves technical problems that emerge during the repairing process or within the guarantee validity period. 

Fast and Efficiency: In China’s eastern coast from north to south, JOINTTOP has three major ship repair bases: Dalian, Shanghai and Guangzhou regions. In addition, JOINTTOP also holds advanced marine equipment and material supply chain with professional construction subcontracting closely linked. These resources enable JOINTTOP to provide customers a package of ship repair services and resolve quickly and efficiently all issues, including problems of living.  

Comprehensive Advantage: With the shipyards’ long-term partnership, bulk orders and the state’s preferential policies for foreign enterprises, JOINTTOP is able to provide the customers very reasonable prices, flexible terms of payment and settlement. The Customers are NOT paying more compared with approaching to other yards, while more values and supports will be obtained from JOINTTOP site team.

JOINTTOP’s policy of “Customer Focus” exists in the company’s business activities everywhere. JOINTTOP’s clients have strong feelings to this, which attracts even more customers. Customers ‘identity is JOINTTOP’s source for sustainable development.

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