We of course pride ourselves as being second to none in Turkey. With our experienced team, knowledge, key contacts in every field of the shipping community we are able to offer an excellent service to our clients.

We are able to undertake all sorts of repairs be it afloat or dockings
Through our contacts, we have the ability and the negotiating power with the local yards from which our clients benefit, due to our local knowledge we are able to guide our clients in the right direction for whatever the requirements are to ensure our clients get the best service only from the right people respective to the job in hand and of course all this at the most economical manner and with the quickest turn around possible. We are your ONE STOP SHOP in all Turkish ports and we put into use our years of experience and local knowledge for your benefit.

During repairs and dockings, we have our representative physically present to assist owners’ superintendents right form the vessels arrival up to and including the closing of accounts. Having an established local company taking care of all the requirements gives our clients not only the peace of mind but also the chance to get the best service that is on offer in a country with which they are not familiar.

It’s a sort of HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Using our services and expertise, our clients always feel at home… We take great pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the day when our clients are pleased with all the services we offer and the results we achieve. That is just PRICELESS…

To name a few of our services offered, which include the below but are not limited to;

  • Afloat Repairs
  •  Dry dock arrangements
  •  Servicing of Life Rafts, Lifeboats and Safety Equipment
  •  Arranging underwater repair and inspections
  • Compass Adjustment
  • Superintendent services
  •  Boiler repairs
  •  Refrigeration plant repairs
  •  Electrical Motor rewinding and overhaul
  •  Main Engine / Aux Engine overhauls and repairs
  • Crane / Derrick overhauls and repairs
  •  Hydraulic repairs
  •  Pipe repairs
  •  All types of cleaning services including tank cleaning
  • Vibration Measuring
    Give us the chance and we guarantee you will see the difference…