Ship Agency Services


Agency Services Provided to Ships in the Shipyard

Appointing an efficient and reliable agency to the vessels during their stay in the shipyards plays an important role in the smooth progress of the operations. Since many activities continue at the same time during the repair period, establishing a full trust relationship with the agency in terms of tracking transactions, and getting service with the idea that the work follow-up will be carried out completely through the agency without worrying about the execution of the requested works in a minimum time without loss of time constitutes an invaluable matter of satisfaction.

If it is necessary to summarize the agency services provided in the shipyards under main headings;

  • Meeting and meeting with company representative / auditors
  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfers
  • Customs clearance for spare parts (fast and smooth)
  • Delivery of spare parts on board
  • Delivery of the Cash To Master (CTM)
  • Arranging the flights of vsl’s crew and inspectors
  • Arrangement of technician / service engineer visits and logistics
  • Daily ship visits to keep everything moving regularly and on time
  • Medical needs organization of vessel crew
  • Coordination with all 3rd parties and providing shipyard entry procedures
  • Supply of technical materials requested by the ship
  • Guidance of shipowners / masters in providing certain services