We are here to change the game and we will do it…

We as Eskomarine, we please to serve you with excellent network of contacts and relationships with numerous Ship

Repair and Ship Building yards around the world and with special regard to Republic of China. We pride ourselves as

delivering custom made solutions to our clients in numerous shipyards with strategic locations, enabling us to offer the flexibility depending on the vessels schedule and the preferred area by the client.

In addition to our relationships with many ship repair and shipbuilding shipyards in Europe and our extensive shipyard

network, we offer our customers in strategic locations and many shipyard solutions. As Eskomarine, we offer you a privileged and high quality and most importantly honest and reliable service under the assurance of Eskomarine in our shipyards in Europe. Especially in your shipyard projects planned in the China region, we serve

you with Eskomarine and Jointtop with a power that has the potential to dock 200 ships per year. Our dedicated

personnel provide service to our customers throughout the entire period from shipyard selection to closing the Account and play an active role in the entire shipyard process.