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FireSealfounded 45 years ago with head office in Sweden and is a supplier of fire sealingsystems used in applications found within the marine-& offshore and onshore market.

Initially a supplier to nuclearpower plants –since35 year´s our core business is the marine and offshore market.

For the onshore fire sealing segment sales is carried out thru wholesale, direct sales andinstallation companies to the Nordic countries exclusively.

FireSeal´s systems are designed and certified in accordance with SOLAS regulations (SafetyOfLife At Sea) and IMO resolution (International Maritime Organization).

  • FireSeal´s systems are certified for A0 -A60, H0 –H60.
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Pressure
  • Smoke, Gas

For over 40 years, FireSeal has worked to make safe fire sealing easy, resulting in a system consisting of refreshingly few part numbers. It only takes a few type drawings to cover the different kinds of fire sealing needs, construction materials and penetration types. That makes it easy to design and implement solutions for all of the most common deck and bulkhead applications.

For our Flex-D system there are only two main components: a ceramic blanket and a fire-resistant silicone sealant. That makes work flow quickly and smoothly at the work site, without the need for any frames or special tools. We know that if it is easy to do the job correctly, both safety and efficiency increase.

Installers working with the FireSeal FS-Flex D system agree about how easy it is to work with and what that does for their efficiency and comfort on the job. The firestop blanket D-24B is easy to adapt to the penetration’s shape and size and has a consistency that makes it easy to pack tightly. The firestop sealant 3000 is quick to fill with and easy to smooth out.

This is especially helpful when working with hard-to-reach penetrations, such as behind and above pipes and ducts and around bundled cables. All this means it takes less time to fit and fine-tune. And if you need to retrofit somewhere, it could not be easier: Just make holes for the new pipe or cable, push it through and re-seal. Because FireSeal has worked so hard to make it easy, the job gets done quickly and correctly.

Questions & answers

Is Marine Flex System resistant to seawater?

Yes, Marine flex System are able to withstand harsh marine environments, in both fresh and salt water.

What is the benefits of using Marine Flex System?

Marine Flex System is resistant to large movements and vibrations.

What fire class is Marine Flex System approved for?

A0 – A60 & H0 – H60.

What type of sealant is Marine Flex System?

It is a silicone based sealant.

Is Marine Flex System approved for below waterline installations?

Yes, the system is tested and approved for use in both deck as well as bulkhead penetrations.

Is it hard to install Marine Flex System?

No, the Marine Flex System is very easy to install and without any special tools.