RobotPlusPlus, What a blast!

RobotPlusPlus, aerial robotic specialist, offers state-of-the-art robotic solutions for surface preparation. RobotPlusPlushas a range of robots to work on ship hulls, and cargo holds and storage tanks to work on inspection and maintenance. RobotPlusPlus focuses on making the most advanced and safe robots to work at height and integrating the best-in-class solutions for the sensors or intervention devices.

The hydroblasting robots have been developed to ensure that it reaches a new level of surface preparation. It is the most reliable crawler, and shipyards that used to rely on abrasive blasting are now using this solution. The robot can move across the hull, and work on the bottom, the bulbous bow, or the keel. On average, it can cover 90% of the ships. The robot magnetic coupling is so reliable that it has even been deployed while the berth is being drained out.

The robots provide a gain of time, money, and safety for all parties involved in the surface preparation process. The robot can work up to 50 m2/h making it nine times faster than manual work without people having to work on cherry-pickers, scaffolds, or platforms. For most of the coating removal work, the operator stays on the ground, making what was once a dangerous operation one of the safest.

Since 2015, the company has been offering its robots and services to shipyards in China, working with over 50 of them, with ships ranging from frigates to VLCC. To date, close to 1 million m2 of metal surface has been cleaned up. Combined with the vacuum pump, the robots leave a dry surface behind, so there is no fear of flash rust. Coating inspectors consistently assess salt-free and clean surfaces as SA2.5 Near white metal, allowing the coating to be applied straight after the stripping.

In late 2021, RobotPlusPlus was called out by an operator to perform paint stripping work on “LA BALENA” a 333m long VLCC. As a trial, half of the hull was planned to be done using hydroblasting crawlers, the task ahead about 11,000m2 and two robots versus a team of 15 operators with blasting devices. The robots achieved an average cleaning rate of 51m2/hr, beating the manual work. The operator would have required over 30 people typically and would have spent an estimated extra 14h. A full decoating could have been performed in 5 days using four robots. Not only were the robots highly efficient, but unlike manual labor, the work surface was left dry, no waste was dropped on the ground, and the operator saved further money without renting cherry-pickers. Following the success, the operator ordered xx robots.

Mr Cao Guang-lu, Coating Supervisor of Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry: “We are impressed with the professionalism of the RobotPlusPlus team. We tried their V30 robots 5 times at two of our group shipyards and each time RobotPlusPlus stood out from the competition. That’s why we purchased four robots and plan to buy more next year. “

The company, a robotics specialist, is working today on the next generation, which will include Artificial Intelligence and Image recognition so that no operator will control the robots; instead, one supervisor would oversee the work of several robots from a safe distance. A future not so far as currently, its robots can already cover the flat section this way. The company is working on expanding the portfolio to include cleaning, coating, and NDT inspection robots.

RobotPlusPlus hydroblasting robots and all equipment needed are available in Turkey through our partner ESKO Marine.

Beijing TimeRiver Technology Co., Ltd (Robot++), which focuses on the independent research and development of intelligent special robots, is the first company in China to realize the industrialization of aerial work robots. Through in-depth exploration of ship, chemical, power, energy and other industries, our products have been successfully applied in inspection, flaw detection, cleaning, derusting, spraying, polishing and other scenes. The company pays attention to technological innovation and accumulation, and has been awarded the “National High-Tech Enterprise”. Our core members have Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Renmin University and other learning and scientific research background, as well as the working experience in the world’s top 500. We also have a scientific advisory team with Tsinghua University professor as the core.

With the mission of “no dangerous work in the world”, Robot++ team has long adhered to the values of “customer-oriented, striver oriented, long-term struggle”, and is determined to build the first brand of China’s intelligent special robot!

The permanent magnet Wall-climbing robot developed by ROBOT++ for the shipyard industry can clean, strip paint and derust the exterior and interior and interior of the ship using hydroblasting are available with the same robot.

The robot can be integrated in a closed loop water system to reduce water consumption and waste produced.

Product Features

High performance with 100% wastewater recycling
Wastewater recovery vacuum pressure: 0.04 MPa.

Strong adhesion and large payload
Payload capacity is 135 Kg and load weight ratio is up to 1.5:1, satisfying demands for most scenarios.

Strong curvature and obstacle crossing adaptability
Workable on surfaces with a radius of curvature of 1 m; height  of obstacles the robot can cross is up to 15 mm. 

Detachable modular design
Units of the robot are modularized and can be assembled in half an hour.

Incredible performance and maneuverability
Differential drive, 360° rotation, movement in any direction and remote control.

Safety and reliability
Permanent magnets, a double fall arrest system, IP 65 for safety and reliability.