With the Piracy activities increasing over the past years, there are serious concerns within the Maritime community not only for the well being of the officers and crew on board various ships which have to pass through the effected areas but also for the well being of the ships and the cargoes.
Especially with the lives of the crews being at stake, quite rightly, many crew members are reluctant to be on board vessels during such high risk area transits, fearing the safety of their lives.

With all these factors, the use of professional Armed Guards have been deployed now for quite sometime. The use of guards provide the crews with a piece of mind as the presence of professional guards assures them the safety of their lives as well as that of the cargo and the vessel, and also reduces the insurance costs for the owners thus a win win situation for all concerned.

As a principal, we always choose to work with the best companies in their respective fields so as to provide our clients with the highest quality services for which we have become known in the shipping industry.

In the case of PMSC , providing Armed as well as Unarmed Security Guards, we are proud to be representing Bowline Defence Ltd of UK...


Bowline Defence Ltd U.K

Bowline Defence Limited, was also incorporated to meet the increasing demands for client specific maritime defense services. At Bowline, all operational staff are former Navy Seals and Special forces personnel and all have extensive experiences and expertise in their respective fields.Proudly, Bowline have completed over 1000 transits with no damage whatsoever to the crew or the ship. This perfect record in actual fact says a lot on the performance of


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