Invasive Aquatic Species in ship’s ballast water is one of the biggest problems faced by the shipping industry. Posing a great threat to the marine ecosystem, these aquatic species has led to an increase in bio-invasion at an alarming rate. Under IMO’s “International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments”, implementation of ballast water management plan and ballast water treatment system on board ships has thus become important. In order to ensure their ships comply with the rules and regulations set by IMO regarding Ballast Water Management, several shipping operators have started implementing ballast water treatment systems on their ships.
A variety of technologies are available in the market for treating ballast water on ships. However, constraints such as availability of space, cost of implementation, and level of environmental friendliness play an important role in usage of a particular type of ballast water treatment system.
A number of factors are taken into account for choosing a ballast water treatment system for a ship. Some of the main factors taken into consideration are  –
  • Effectiveness on ballast water organisms
  • Environment-friendliness
  • Safety of the crew
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Space availability on board
Ultraviolet ballast water treatment method consists of UV lamps which surround a chamber through which the ballast water is allowed to pass. The UV lamps (Amalgam lamps) produce ultraviolet rays which acts on the DNA of the organisms and make them harmless and prevent their reproduction. This method has been  successfully used globally for water filtration purpose and is effective against a broad range of organisms.
As Eskomarine, we proudly represent Trojan Marinex of Canada, Trojan uses the UV technology and they have designed a unique system whereby both the UV Lamps and Filters have been fitted into one single unit thus reducing dramatically the footprint which is a great advantage for retrofitting, and due to the fact that Trojan is the world's largest UV producer, they have designed a special UV lamp called the Solo Lamp whcih brings together the advantages of both low power and medium power UV lam technologies thus givng the maximum UV radiation with minimum power consumption.

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